Our Team

Yesha Thakar

Chief Financial Officer

Yesha Thakar possesses strong leadership qualities, consistency, and a wealth of knowledge, enabling her to inspire others effectively in a professional setting. She excels in cultivating relationships and promoting a positive attitude essential for accomplishing tasks. As a well-organized individual, she is willingly shouldering full responsibility for accounting, financing, HR as well as customer care. Her unwavering commitment to improvement, coupled with an impressive track record, reflects her dedication to delivering the highest quality services through exceptional knowledge and skills.

Yesha comes from a nursing background and brings over 15 years of experience in the healthcare field. She provides part-time services as a Registered Nurse.

The majority of Yesha’s time is devoted to Shreem, Yesha is a highly skilled financial executive and strategic leader. In her current role as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Shreem, she leverages extensive financial expertise and adopts a results-driven approach to steer the organization toward financial success. where she oversees a range of responsibilities, including accounting, financing, human resources and payroll processing.

Yesha has played a crucial role in establishing and advancing Shreem’s financial stability and growth. Recognized for her sharp financial insight and leadership, she holds a key position in developing and implementing the company’s financial strategies. Yesha’s key expertise is in financial planning and analysis, budgeting and risk management.

In conclusion, Yesha is renowned for her financial proficiency and strategic leadership. She remains integral to securing Shreem’s financial success, embodying a dedication to excellence and implementing forward-thinking financial strategies.

Yesha Thakar, Chief Financial Officer, Shreem Instrumentation & Controls