Our Team

Harish Naidu

Sales Consultant

Harish Naidu stands out as a versatile professional with a robust background in Business Development, Key Account Sales, Channel Management, and various facets of Power generation and distribution. His career journey began as a Sales Engineer, showcasing a keen ability to connect with customers and convert conversations into successful orders. Over time, he delved into the technical intricacies of operation maintenance, project management, and testing & commissioning, broadening his expertise.

Harish’s leadership style is marked by a commitment to customer satisfaction, often going above and beyond to understand their needs and challenges. His innovative approach and strategic thinking have led to transformative solutions, reducing gestation cycles and enhancing revenue growth. Notably, during his tenure at Dupont (Nomex), he introduced groundbreaking initiatives in motor repairing and played a pivotal role in developing insulation schemes for cast resin dry transformers. Currently serving as the Sales and Business Development head at Shreem Systems & Solutions, Harish continues to drive success by ensuring customer success and fostering a philosophy of “more sales with more happy customers.” His impact in the Electrical Power distribution and Instrumentation Automation industry is evident through a string of achievements and a legacy of inspired teams.

In summary, Harish Naidu’s professional journey is characterized by excellence, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of customer-centric solutions. His influence in the electrical power distribution field is not only marked by accomplishments but also by the genuine commitment to creating lasting relationships and driving overall industry growth.