Our Team

Greg Blackmon

Instrumentation Supervisor

Greg Blackmon is a highly accomplished and versatile professional in the field of Instrumentation, renowned for his passion for precision, workmanship, and commitment to excellence. With a diverse background in heavy industry, mining, and various mechanical roles since 1977, he has consistently demonstrated honesty, integrity, and exceptional results in startup and commissioning. Greg is recognized for his leadership and supervisory skills, influencing and inspiring apprentices throughout his career.

Beginning his journey in 1996 with an apprenticeship in Industrial Instrumentation, Greg has obtained interprovincial standard status as a Journeyperson Industrial Instrument Mechanic, leading to a remarkable career marked by significant achievements. Key milestones include being a crucial member of a co-generation plant startup for SaskPower, contributing to Suncor’s 2001 expansion, starting his own instrumentation contracting company in 2012, and being a key member in Core Certification with Shreem Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2022.

Greg’s areas of expertise include working in heavy industry, startup/commissioning, leadership, troubleshooting, and safety. As a visionary leader at Shreem Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., he leads by example, inspiring apprentices and adapting to change for enhanced efficiencies.

Currently serving as Instrumentation Supervisor at Shreem Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Greg mentors and leads the instrumentation department, striving for a smooth and efficient workflow. His professional philosophy revolves around honesty, integrity, and delivering projects on time and within budget without compromising safety.

Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Greg has received awards for successful work during shutdowns, projects, and startups. He contributes to the industry through a dedicated safety attitude, sharing expertise on industrial best practices.

In conclusion, Greg Blackmon’s impressive professional journey, marked by numerous accomplishments, establishes him as a respected and influential figure in the field of Instrumentation. His commitment to excellence, leadership, professionalism, and safety continues to drive his success and inspire those fortunate enough to work with him, making him a valuable asset to the world of Industrial Instrumentation.