Products and Services

Nov 6th, 2018

Shreem Systems & Solutions provide range of solutions for electrical requirements, which include following, but are not limited to


Power Control Center is the main feeder of the power to the plant. It is directly connected to the step-down transformer and feeds to the Motor Control Center. Motor Control Center is controls the operations of motors in the field. There are various types of MCCs that include conventional MCC, Compartmentalized MCC, integrated MCC etc.

Shreem provides solutions for these requirements by providing supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance services to the valuable customers.

* Power and Energy Management System:

It is important part of plant manager’s duties to save as much energy & power as possible. Shreem develops Power & Energy Management system which is customized for each client and their needs and can also provide real time data monitoring.

* Motors and VFDs

Variable Frequency Drives are used to control the torque of motor by varying the frequency and voltage. Shreem provides supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance for Motors and VFDs.

* Soft-starters

Soft-starters are widely used to save the plant from getting charged for low power factor, which represents waste of useful power. Soft-starters prevent the plant from getting excessive push of electricity at the time of starting up the motors and other electrical devices. Shreem supplies, installs, commissions and provides maintenance for soft-starters, which