Nov 9th, 2018


Programmable Logic Controls are used to control different processes by programming and logic development.

Programmable Automated Controllers are used to comparatively complex processes and control where multiple processes are connected and are controlled.

Shreem provides supply, install, commissioning and maintenance services for PLCs and PACs.


Distributed Control Systems are used for highly complex processes and their control. Basically it reduces different stages of PLCs through a single system. It does not require multiple PLCs to get configured. It rather uses only I/O cards and can solely control whole process from one main controller.

Shreem provides solutions for existing DCS, new upgrade or maintenance.


Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition is a software which helps to present the process in the plant on a screen called HMI.

Human Machine Interface is a display that is used to visualize the process.

Shreem provides supply, install and commissioning of SCADA and HMI

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